Deep Clean Fabric Curtains and Blinds

Is your home or office in need of a deep clean. Whether it be your Curtains, fabric blinds or your Sofa that needs a deep cleaning. Or you just want to freshen up.

We here at DH COMPLETE CLEANING can meet all your  Fabric Cleaning needs.

Struggle to reach high places or can’t be bothered getting up on that chair. Do you find it’s difficult unhooking and taking down your Curtains or Blinds one hook at a time?

Then Dont!

Our Deep Clean Service

DH Carpet and Upholstery cleaning in Manchester use a very easy and effective method. Ultimately we carry out the Steam Cleaning of your curtains or steam clean blinds whilst they are still hung. Which means no dry cleaners, no ironing, less effort all round.

Using Steam cleaning as a method is an eco-friendly and safer alternative to using chemicals.  The steam lifts the dirt from the fabric; whilst the tool  then brushes them away. As the fabric is hung whilst the Cleaning is being Completed the fabric dries straight leaving no creases and no need to iron.

There are certain Fabrics that can not stand a high temperature, so you must check the label before hand. Of course, we can help with professional advice to get the right result.

Most Fabrics will respond well to a deep clean process and steam cleaning can be done whilst you are in the comfort of your own home.  As a result, there is no running around to the dry cleaners back and forth.

So, if you need a deep clean, Manchester or surrounding areas.  All you need to do is send us your requirements via Email or Phone. Send us some pictures if possible, and we will then send a quotation. If accepted your deep clean will commence at a time to suit you.







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