Carpet Cleaning North West

Carpet Cleaning North West

Is your carpet looking tired and old? Is there a constant odour when you walk into a room? Carpets can become stained and discoloured over time and the carpet fibres can hold in unwanted odours left from pets, spilt food etc. In this case, many people automatically think of getting a new carpet, but this can be very costly. Why buy a brand new carpet when we can clean it to look like new anyway? 

We here at D H Complete Cleaning, using our professional carpet upholstery machine, can bring your carpet up looking new. This is definitely a cheaper and quicker alternative to replacing your carpet altogether. However, you may be thinking that some of the marks are quite deeply embedded stains and they have been there a while; but this isn’t a problem.

So how does it work?

We will concentrate on the areas using a less concentrated carpet cleaning solution. It usually includes hot water, high pressure and the cleaning solution itself.

To begin with, detergents and cleaners are mixed in with a hot water solution to break down any dirt and grime in the carpet fibres. The water and cleaning solution is then pushed deep into the carpet using a high pressure system. The machine then moves over the carpet, which loosens the dirt and stains within the carpet. It will also clean the fibres that are badly soiled. You can truly see how dirty the carpet was from the murky water that is left behind!

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