When is the right time to call a Manchester Commercial Carpet Cleaner?

Ever wondered who’s in charge of the upholstery and carpet cleaning in a public place? The answer is who knows – it’s a bit of no man’s land when it comes to spills. The cleaners don’t do it as they think the person who spilled it are responsible and that person sloped off a long time ago.
I was recently in an airport lounge on a flight back to Manchester and with a couple of hours before my flight I headed over to a wicker settee with light grey comfy cushions and chaise lounge, there was quite a few in the area that were available and I’d cracked it dropped my bags onto the couch, bought a coffee from the stand next to the couch and then plonked myself down into those comfy cushions to read my book and that’s when I noticed the badly stained couch was. I sat there for a while feeling slightly gutted that the couch was filthy from it seat covers to its back and arm rests it was completely covered in oily body marks and newspaper grime. I looked over at the other available couches they were the same – perhaps that why no-one else was sat on them.
So if you have a reception area or office space and you’ve installed upholstered furniture maybe leather settees to make your visitors feel comfortable then think again if you have visible Stains. Top this off with a stained carpet and you can’t fail to gross out your customers.
Let DH Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Manchester take care of this for You, we provide professional cleaning services for all carpet and upholstery cleaning and will deal with large or smaller areas.
So whether its carpets, curtains, blinds or furniture let us help you create the right impression in your offices, hotels or staffrooms. A regular visit from a commercial cleaner will keep your public areas how you intended them to be.
For cleaning services in Manchester or for more information on our competitive prices, call DH Commercial Carpet Cleaning today for a free no obligation quote on 0161 763 5666 or 07974 438 761 or Email Us: dh@dhcompletecleaning.co.uk

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